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Perhaps I Was Hasty on the Sheen Thing> CBS Letter Reveals Substantial Issues

OK,  so maybe I rushed to judgment on the Charlie Sheen matter.  I was just provided with TMZ’s copy of the letter that CBS and Warner Bros. lawyers fired off to Sheen and his counsel  detailing the contract sections upon which they are relying on in canceling Sheen’s contract.  It appears (according to the letter) that Sheen was often late and had many problems at rehearsals. But more importantly Charlie has also stated that he reuses to work with the show’s co-creator Chuck Lorre.  CBS and Warner can claim that Mr. Lorre is an important part of the show and will not do the show without him.  The letter provides many details into the history of this sordid affair and it looks like both sides are gearing up for litigation.   Can anyone imagine what the Sheen deposition and trial cross-examination will be like? Here is the link to the letter which makes for an interetsing read even if you are not a lawyer:

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