My Move to a New Firm: Cuomo LLC

While it has been my custom not to blog about my practice, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that after 20 years of a wonderful and successful experience at Sandback, Birnbaum & Michelen, I have joined a new firm: Cuomo LLC.   Cuomo LL is a well-known, highly regarded litigation boutique in Manhattan. I have joined them to become the Managing Attorney of a newly-established Long Island office of the firm. Matthew Cuomo, who is the Managing Partner of the firm, and I have known each other for about 15 years or so. When I began to think about the need to move my growing practice to a larger firm, I knew two things:  I didn’t want to go to a very large firm and I preferred to stay on Long Island.  I began to ask Matt for some guidance on which of  the two of Long Island’s best known firms that I was considering would be more appropriate for my practice.  After two or three breakfast meetings, we both realized that the ideal situation was my bringing my practice to his firm and establish a Long Island office. While I will be available to clients at the NYC office as well, the Mineola Office will be my resident office.

Cuomo LLC is  perfect fit for my practice.  All of the attorneys affiliated with the firm have a great deal of experience – it is a roster of highly-regarded, aggressive and experienced litigators, combined with a complement of younger attorneys who have proven to be effective  and skilled lawyers.  Also, while we all work hard, I know that Cuomo  LLC believes in a healthy work-life balance that makes for an excellent working environment.

But most importantly, the firm is dedicated to the same principle which has guided my law practice – to provide legal representation at the same high level as any of the major firms in the NYC area, while being able to provide the small firm attention clients value greatly. Matt and I see a void in Long Island law practice.  Most clients have to choose between one or two lawyer shops or long- established large law firms with dozens and dozens of lawyers. Cuomo LLC fills that void by allowing clients to choose a firm that is bigger than most practices on Long Island, but nowhere near the size of the largest firms, which can be impersonal.

My practice areas will remain generally the same -commercial and civil litigation;  intellectual property; entertainment law. The firm also does work in the area of branding and licensing and I think that will fit well with my current client base.

This is an exciting time for me and I look forward to establishing Cuomo LLC as one of the preeminent litigation boutiques on Long Island.  Here is our current website and of course, updates will posted on this site as well!

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