White House Party Crashers Must be Arrested

          So much needless attention has been directed to the couple who crashed the President’s first State Dinner that there is only one solution: Arrest them immediately. Two US senators have finally stepped forward to make this pronouncement:

WASHINGTON – Two senators said Sunday that authorities should pursue criminal charges against the Virginia couple who crashed last week’s state dinner at the White House. This time, the picture is the story. “You’ve got to send a strong deterrent that people just don’t do this kind of thing,” Democrat Evan Bayh of Indiana said on “Fox News Sunday.” Republican Jon Kyl of Arizona agreed, saying, “If it’s a federal crime to lie to a federal agent, and these people didn’t tell the truth about their invitation, then they should be in some way brought to justice here, again, as an example to others not to do it.”

          Finally, bipartisanship we can believe in. The DC Criminal Code and the Federal Criminal Code both prohibit trespassing on government property. Case law shows that obtaining permission to enter property under false pretenses amounts to a trespass, so the authorities would not even have to prove that the couple lied to a Federal agent to make an arrest, as Senator Kyl suggests. (Though that is always an easy out for the Feds to make an arrest when they have no other evidence of wrongdoing, just ask Martha Stewart).
          And while the deterrent effect on future copycats is important, it is similarly important that the message be sent to other reality TV star wannabes not to let their desire for their fifteen minutes of fame cross over to illegality. The Amercian public has always endorsed the stupid and idiotic, we should not support the criminal. Maybe the arrest of Balloon Boy’s parents and these upper crust party crashers will keep people from breaking laws to get on TV.
         This couple is presently shopping around an exclusive interview for around $100,000. An arrest may dampen network’s thirsts for their “inside story” if the act is treated as a criminal offense. Of course, I remember when it was taboo for a news program to pay for an interview, but my kids tell me I shouldn’t sound like a dinosaur while blogging.
         Yes, their actions did expose a weakness in the protection of a President who has received 4 times as many death threats as his predecessors, but that was not the couple’s intent; their intent was to increase their chances on getting on “Real Housewives of DC.” The Feds need to move swiftly on this before CNN or Fox News cuts a check to these people and we see them, all smiles and makeup, on national television.

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